Y10 – Salt and Light – Matthew 5: 13-16

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Witnesses, Evangelism, Light

  1. How is verse 16 the key to how Jesus intends we understand the metaphors in this passage?
  2. What kind of good deeds do you suppose cause others to praise our Father in heaven?
  3. Describe someone you know who has this effect on others.
  4. Salt preserves, flavors and causes thirst; which of these effects do you think Jesus was referring to?
  5. Do you agree with the following statement: darkness begets darkness and light begets light?
  6. Describe deeds of darkness. Describe deeds of light.
  7. Is the light of which Jesus speaks the gospel, love, mercy, grace, truth, or something else?
  8. How do we know from this passage that light definitely has a moral or active component?
  9. How do we know from scripture that light also speaks of truth and the gospel (See John 1 and John 8:12)?
  10. How are the gospel and the ethics of the gospel merged in the life of an individual?
  11. What exactly does it mean to lead others to the light?
  • The insight is found in scripture; questions are simply tools to mine the ore
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