Y2 – He Carried our Sin – Isaiah 53

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Sin, Cross, Jesus Sacrifice, Judgment, Salvation

  1. Who is this prophecy speaking about?
  2. How does it strike you that this passage was written hundreds of years before Jesus?
  3. What event is the passage describing?
  4. What words does the text use to describe the guilt those being saved?
  5. According to the text, what is the fate of these people?
  6. Why does the text indicate they are deserving of judgment?
  7. Do you believe that everyone is guilty of turning away from God at one time or another as verse 6 indicates?
  8. Is judgment still being expressed and is justice being done?
  9. Who carries the punishment for the people?
  10. What does the text say is the result of this act?
  11. What is the benefit for the people?
  12. What happens is no intercession is made?
  13. How do the people stand before God?
  14. How would you describe God’s feelings towards us based on this passage?
  • Approach God’s Word with humility, honesty and teachability
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