Christians are Called to Lead Others to God and Life

Y9 – The Main Thing – 1 Corinthians 3: 1-9

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Spiritual Leadership, Unity, Ministry

  1. Do Christians sometimes have this tendency to latch on to various leaders, ideas and fads rather than keeping our focus on Christ… explain?
  2. Does this passage appear to you to be an early attempt for Christians to fracture or denominationalize?
  3. In your opinion, are the things that typically divide Christians substantive, a distraction, both, or neither?
  4. Paul may have had some genuine differences with Apollos, why does Paul not take this opportunity to lobby and bolster his position?
  5. What does Paul teach in this passage about where our true focus should lie? What is Paul trying to communicate when he refers to both himself and Apollos as mere servants?
  6. According to Paul, who is the real power behind all ministry?
  7. Where does this leave all people regarding their role in the kingdom?
  8. Do you believe as it says in verse 5 that each person has been assigned a task?
  9. Why is this task of leading people to life in the kingdom more important than our differences?
  • Be like a detective who interrogates scripture 
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