People are Lost without God

Y1 – Missing the Kingdom – Matthew 6:10

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Kingdom of God, Lordship, Heaven, Blessing

  1. According to the passage, what one place does the kingdom definitely exist?
  2. What other place can the kingdom possibly exist?
  3. Why does the text indicate the kingdom is always present in heaven?
  4. What condition must be met for the kingdom to exist on earth?
  5. If God is the king and his kingdom is where his will is done, then what is God’s will?
  6. Describe the character and nature of God.
  7. What qualities do you most appreciate about God?
  8. What would a place be like where these qualities are experienced in their perfection?
  9. What would a place be like that is absent of all of the various qualities that define God and flow from his person?
  10. Do you believe people would rather experience a place or state where God, his will and his qualities are fully expressed or a place or state that is absent of these qualities… explain?
  11. How and why do people both desire and resist God’s kingdom on earth?
  12. Why would Jesus ask us to pray for his kingdom?
  • Approach all scripture prayerfully open
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