Y7 – The Secret to Eternal Life – John 3: 16-18

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Eternal Life, Judgment, Condemnation, God’s Love

  1. Why might some people think Jesus came to condemn the world?
  2. Do people today ever have the impression that Jesus is about condemnation and judgment? Is this idea biblical?
  3. Where do people get ideas like this?
  4. With what fate does Jesus contrast eternal life in this passage?
  5. From what you know of the scriptures, what is implied and involved in this concept of perishing?
  6. Which side of the equation does Jesus seek to influence on our behalf: condemnation or eternal life?
  7. In what way is this life Jesus came to give conditional?
  8. What does the text say we must believe to gain eternal life?
  9. What does it mean to believe in him: that he is God, that he died for our sins, that he can remove our sins, that he is the way to eternal life, that he is the way to abundant life, some, or even all of the above?
  10. Is eternal life a quantitative, qualitative statement, or both?
  11. What is Jesus referring to when he says that he gave his one and only son?
  12. What does this passage reveal about the kind of love God has for us?
  • Spend time with the questions prior to leading a group or coaching time
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