Y4 – Choosing Darkness – Ephesians 5: 1-18

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Kingdom of Darkness, Greed, Immorality, Light, Choosing God

  1. What ideas are being contrasted in this passage?
  2. Describe the kingdom of light.
  3. Why do you suppose it is called the kingdom of light?
  4. Is this a synonym for the Kingdom of God… explain?
  5. Describe the kingdom of darkness?
  6. Why do you suppose it is called the kingdom of darkness?
  7. How is the kingdom of God defined (See Matthew 6:10)?
  8. How do people seek God’s kingdom?
  9. How do we seek the kingdom of darkness?
  10. Which kingdom do immoral and greedy people seek?
  11. Is verse 5 prescriptive or descriptive?
  12. How and why does God allow us to choose the kingdom we inhabit?
  13. Do you believe that on judgment day God only recognizes or validates the choices we made while on earth?
  • These questions are simply a foundation for you to build upon
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