Y6 – Sheep of the Good Shepherd – John 10: 1-18

Key Words: Kingdom Building, Dependence, Following Jesus, Spiritual Life, God’s People

  1. Why does Jesus call his people sheep when some view sheep as a derogatory term?
  2. Is this a statement about the nature of people or about the relationship he desires to have with his people (See Psalm 23)?
  3. How does this image of the Good Shepherd support the macro narrative of scripture: “I will be your God, you will be my people?”
  4. List the various ways this passage describes how Jesus feels about his sheep?
  5. What is Jesus referring to in verse 11 when he says he lays down his life for his sheep?
  6. What is Jesus referring to in verse 17 when he says that he not only lays down his life, but takes it up again?
  7. What does the text indicate is the benefit of being part of Christ’s flock?
  8. What does “life to the full” mean to you?
  9. How does the text indicate we become part of Christs flock?
  10. What do verses 1 and 9 indicate about those who are not of Christ’s flock?
  • Your questions are probably better than mine
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