F13 – The Good News of the Kingdom– Luke 4: 18-19

Key Words: Kingdom of God, Ministry, Service, Works, Hope, Church, Religion

  1. How does Jesus define his ministry?
  2. Who does Jesus indicate he came to help?
  3. Does it surprise you that Jesus was interested in such people… explain?
  4. According to this passage, what are the qualities of Christ’s ministry, and subsequently, his kingdom?
  5. Read Luke 7: 20-23.
  6. What signs does Jesus give to John that he expects will validate his identity and ministry as the Messiah?
  7. How is the message of Jesus different than the typical message of religion?
  8. How is the Kingdom of God unique among religious systems?
  9. As his body (See 1 Corinthians 12), should our ministry not also reflect his ministry?
  10. What then should the ministry of the body of Christ look like?
  11. How does this ministry build the Kingdom of God?
  • There are no greater tools for effective Bible study than humility, honesty, and diligence
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