The Nature of the Kingdom of God

F1 – Defining God’s Kingdom – Matthew 6:10

Key Words: Kingdom of God, Prayer, Victory, Power, Heaven, Sermon on the Mount

  1. If the theme of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) is living in the Kingdom of God, how is this verse key in understanding the kingdom?
  2. According to the verse, where does God’s kingdom always exist?
  3. Where can it possibly come?
  4. Under what conditions does God’s kingdom come?
  5. How then do we bring God’s kingdom to earth: to our world, our community, our family, or our lives?
  6. Do you agree with the following definition of God’s kingdom… ‘God’s Kingdom is where God is King and his will is done’… explain?
  7. Describe heaven. Why is heaven so wonderful?
  8. Why is heaven a perfect expression of the kingdom?
  9. What are the benefits of God’s kingdom on earth?
  10. What are the consequences of not seeking God and his kingdom?
  11. Why must we both pray for and seek God’s kingdom on earth?
  • Approach God’s Word with humility, honesty and teachability
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