F4 – Sheep and Goats – Matthew 25: 31-46

Key Words: Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Darkness, Judgement, Hope, Good Deeds, Light

  1. How are the kingdoms of light and darkness present in this parable?
  2. Where do we see victims of the kingdom of darkness in this parable?
  3. What effect does light have on darkness?
  4. What impact are the citizens of the kingdom of light to have on the victims of the kingdom of darkness?
  5. What would you say about a person who claims to pursue the Kingdom of God (the kingdom of light, love, grace, peace, joy, truth, beauty, forgiveness and salvation) who helps or impacts no one for God’s Kingdom?
  6. What would you say to a person who expects to live in God’s Kingdom in the afterlife, yet does not pursue God’s Kingdom in this life?
  7. Who are sheep and who are goats?
  8. What truth is Jesus trying to drive home about the Kingdom of God?
  • These questions are simply a foundation for you to build upon
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