Worship God Alone

U1 – The Temptation of Jesus – Matthew 4: 1-10

Key Words: Worship, Temptation, Idols, Self

  1. What is the significance of these temptations taking place at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry?
  2. It has been suggested that each temptation seeks to divert Jesus from his path to the cross; how does each temptation both expedite and compromise his mission?
  3. Is there anything wrong with turning stones to bread?
  4. How is this different than when he later multiplies loaves and fishes to feed the masses?
  5. What would have been so wrong with Jesus throwing himself from the pinnacle of the Temple in full view of everyone to reveal who he was without a shadow of doubt?
  6. How would this have changed his path?
  7. What is the response of Jesus to the final temptation?
  8. Is the real issue here the worship or seeking of God verses the worship or seeking of self?
  9. Why is only God worthy of worship?
  10. Why do people seek and serve things that are less than God and not truly worthy of worship?
  11. Is the worship or service or seeking of other things besides God ultimately the worship of self?
  • Approach all scripture prayerfully open
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