A3 – The God Who Grows – Ephesians 3: 14-19

Key Words: God, Trinity, Spiritual Growth

  1. Which members of the Godhead are mentioned in this passage?
  2. What role does the Father play in spiritual growth?
  3. What role does the Son play? What role does the Holy Spirit play?
  4. What does the presence of the Trinity in our spiritual growth communicate regarding God’s goals or will for our lives?
  5. How does the ministry of each member of the Trinity contribute to what Paul calls in verse 19 “the fullness of God?”
  6. Do we see the Trinity expressed in verse 20… explain?
  7. Do we see Trinity expressed in the following verses in 4:1-6?
  8. What do these verses in chapter 4 teach regarding how active and engaged each member of the Godhead is in our spirituality and development?
  9. Does it bring you comfort to know that God is working in you as verse 20… explain?
  • These questions are only suggestions, allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide
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